What exactly are PLR articles

and how can bloggers and internet marketers use them?

PLR is short for “Private Label Rights”.
These articles are written and distributed or sold to bloggers, webmaster and online business owners. Their primary purpose is to generate content for website owners.

Writing articles takes a lot of time and effort so optimising this time saves our most valuable resource. PLR articles are simply a tool to help you to produce good content faster.

PLR users tend to include bloggers, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, service providers, realtors, network marketers, affiliate marketers, and infoproduct creators. They can download a pack of articles that are already written and ready to go.

The PLR articles come in .doc and .txt format and have special rights that allow publishers to use them as if they wrote them themselves. The great thing is that many publishers say some PLR articles are better creations than ones they could produce themselves.

PLR articles should be used as drafts. For best practice they should be edited and personalised before publication.

PLR articles are a great way for novices and renowned authors to share their experiences and perspectives.

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