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Plethora PLR Articles Pack 140,000

Introducing the Plethora PLR Articles pack
This massive PLR articles pack contains more than 140,000 PLR articles.

A Private Label Right license comes with each article. This monster PLR articles pack comes with more than a 1000 different topics, including marketing articles and topics about food, recipes, finance, health, insurance, medical and many more.

The Plethora Articles 140,000 PLR pack is now jam packed with bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.

This Plethora PLR Articles pack is so enormous that we had to separate them into several different packs. It even takes a while to list the contents of the items  bundled with this massive 140,000 PLR articles pack.

600 PHP Sites with Articles

The 600 articles pack, includes a Plethora of topics and categories.

A full php site is also included for each of the article topics. The full php site is turnkey based and is  purposely designed so you can easily integrate Adsense or other affiliate programs into each site.

500 Instant Templates with Articles

Included with HTML, hypervre and text version. Included with 100 different article topics.

1,000 Mini Articles Pack

This mini articles pack contains more than a thousand different PLR articles covering hundreds of different topics.

2,000 PLR Articles Pack

This articles pack is cram packed with more than 2000 PLR articles. The pack itself contains more than a hundred different topics ranging from business, jewelry and marketing to vegetarian and many more.

1,400 Finance & Student Loans Pack

Inevitably, the finance and loans niche is the most profitable. Did you know that the average bid price on Google for the keyword “student loan” is hovering about $35 per click?

The 1400 finance and student loans PLR article packs are included with the 850 finance PLR articles and 450 student loans PLR articles. There are more than a hundred sub-finance topics in this pack.

9,000 Ultimate Pack with Articles

This ultimate 9000 articles pack is included with more than 9000 PLR articles. The pack is so large that it covers almost all conceivable topics. All articles are well organized into different sub categories.

15,000 Super Bundle Pack with Articles

This pack is included with more than 15,000 articles, all with full PLR license included. There are more than a thousand different topics covered in this pack.

111,100Massive PLR pack with Articles

This is a mega articles pack. There are more than 111,000 articles in this pack alone. Thatís right, more than one hundreds thousands articles in this pack. This pack covers thousands of different topics. With such a vast amount of articles, you will find every topics or niche you need in this pack.
Like all our other products, all articles in this pack are well organized into different categories.

Full Private Label Right licenses are included in this pack.


Free Bonuses Worth Thousands!

These bonuses are really worth having!

Not only you will receive 140,000 quality written PLR articles, but you will also receive 3 extra packages of great bonuses worth hundreds of dollar.


Bonus 1
33 Niche Wordpress Templates Pack

This ultimate bonus package contains 33 ready to publish niche Wordpress templates. All 33 Wordpress templates are turnkey style and ready to publish. Each templates comes with more than 20 PLR articles (All articles are integrated and relevant to the specific niches), .psd logo file and all relevant Wordpress and template files allow for instant activation and publishing.

Niche content in this bonus pack includes topics on acne, credit, dating, debt, dog training, fishing, learn guitar, seo, tattoo and many more.

This bonus package includes 33 ready to publish Wordpress niche templates.  We have included a demo below so you can look through it to see how the niche Wordpress site template looks when it is activated. Note that all contents found on the demo site are included along with the templates.

Click here to view Wordpress niche template demo


Bonus 2
84 Niche Sites Super Pack

The Super 84 Niche Sites Pack is packed with 84 ready to publish different niche web sites. Each niche sites is built for readymade PLR keyword filled articles. Additional materials such as graphics and editable .psd header files are included as well for easy branding.

Niches cover in this pack are, anti-aging, Dog breeding, Ways to save money, First Aid training, Self Esteem, Influence and many more niches.

The demos provided below will give you an idea on how the sites look when active. Note that only a few demo sites are provided for demo purposes, this bonus pack includes 84 different niche sites.

Click here to see pageview of WP sites
Click here to Demo Pet Insurance niche site


Bonus 3
85 Niche Sites Ultimate Pack

This Ultimate 85 Niche Sites pack is included with 85 different niche sites. All sites are powered by PHP. Niches covered in this pack include adoption, alarm systems, feng shui, furniture, garden, golf clubs, hybrid cars, laptops, podcase, sport car,  social net, time share etc.  All sites are packed with PLR articles and ready to publish. All PLR articles are relevant to each of the site niche. Eg, time share niche site will have time share PLR articles included.

The demos provided below. Note that only one demo site is provided for demonstration purposes, the pack itself includes 85 different niche sites.

Click here to view Alternative Energy niche site
Click here to view Dog niche site
Click here to view Anti Aging niche site


Bonus 4
100 Fresh PLR eBooks

This PLR eBook pack is unique in that the 100 eBooks on offer in this pack are fresh and new, you will only find the latest 2010/11 eBooks in this pack. All the eBooks in this pack are included with full PLR license which means you have the right to brand them with your own company name.

You can also resell them for profit or increase your existing products or service by adding them as a bonus.

Each eBook in this bonus PLR eBook pack is included with the original eBook product, readymade web site and other materials such as graphics  etc.

*NB*  … only personal usage license is granted for bonus #1 …bonus #2 …and bonus #3 products.


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Plethora article pack

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For convenience purposes, all PLR articles are organized neatly in different categories and sub categories.


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