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After 140k mega content download

The size of the Plethora pack is overwhelming. This enormous pack of keyword rich articles is an amazing content library. So you need to plan how you are going to optimize it. There are so many topics for so many articles that you have enough content for hundreds of web sites.

If you used just 10 of the articles each and every day it would take you 38 years to place all the articles into the appropriate web page!
That’s assuming you have 2020 vision and nothing else to do!

The best way forward is to work smart.
Choose a niche and stick with it.
Select the articles you need and separate them from the rest.
Amend the title of each article slightly for SEO.
Check the keyword content of each article.
Check the word-count of each article.
The content may need to be spun, updated or spiced up, just do it!
Find other relevant data to go with each article.
Get good and apt articles to add to each article post.

If you are using a CMP you may be able to publish these articles all at once and let the software release them by a designated date.

Organise or serialize the articles so that they enhance the readers viewing.
Check each published article to satisfy yourself

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